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First iPhone XS teardown: is it more difficult to fix than the iPhone X?

It will only take a few hours for the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max to arrive to Apple stores and authorized resellers. If you have decided to buy any of the new 2018 iPhones after checking their price both with a carrier and unlocked, then maybe it would be helpful to know whether the iPhone XS is easy to fix or not in case of an accident. (Soruce: thedigitalcamera)

Despite not being available for purchase until tomorrow, some lucky users were able to get hold of the iPhone XS to put it to the test before it is available. The guys at FixjeiPhone give us the perfect example. FixjeiPhone is a Dutch site focused on teardowns of the latest phones once they hit the market in order to analyze their components one by one. Besides letting us know whether the iPhone XS is easy to fix or not, a teardown lets us compare the new phone to its predecessor, the iPhone X. Read more about it..

Over 180 million new Windows threats have been detected in the second quarter of 2018

There are a lot of threats that can compromise our PC’s security and functioning. However, the latest report regarding the second quarter of 2018 stands out. Over 180 million new threats targeting Windows, the most widely used OS, have been detected. This is why we have to give some advices and recommendations to avoid being victims of these threats, which can be really different and infect the PC in several ways.

Over 180 million new threats have been detected in three months

The report comes from the IT security company Quick Heal Technologies. The firm says it detected over 180 million different threats on Windows devices between April and June. It also states that the situation affects both individual users and companies.

As for the threats, there were 16,000 ransomware attacks, 13,000 cryptomining malware, 141,000 exploits and over 40,000 unwanted apps. All this happens every day. These are some of the major malware threats affecting users.

This also means Cybercriminals are getting ready to attack. They are now using new and more complex methods they did not use years ago, therefore they are successful despite the fact that security measures have also been improved.

This report also shows that ransomware and cryptomining malware are the two malware variants that have grown the most. Cryptomining attacks are dangerous because oftentimes they remain hidden for a long time. During said period of time, these attacks can prompt other threats that put users at risk.

How to protect ourselves against major malware threats

Now, how can we protect ourselves against these threats? As we have said above, cybercriminals have a wide range of possibilities. There are a lot of malware variants and they can infect devices in so many ways.

The main thing is to have security programs and tools, a good antivirus and other type of software to handle malware. It is important to always have an antivirus running on any platform we use.

We must also bear in mind keeping the system up-to-date. Sometimes there are vulnerabilities that are fixed with security patches rolled out by manufacturers for both operating systems and installed programs.

Google abandons Windows Phone

Windows Phone is dead in terms of its platform. Microsoft will launch security patches until it ceases doing so in 2019, finally burying the biggest flop in recent history.

In this sense, it has been a few years since developers decided to switch to iOS and Android. Some apps have steadily been removed (even by Microsoft), and now it is the turn of one of the biggest apps.

Google’s official app stopped working on Windows Phone a few days ago. Whenever users try to search the web with the official Google app for Microsoft’s mobile platform, the process fails with an error reading “Connection failed. Try again later.”

According to a report from Plaffo, there is no workaround as of now, and there is a good chance that it does not exist, so it is basically the end of Google apps on Windows phones. Read more about it..

PES 2019 for iOS and Android: New features and launch date

Soccer fans are waiting for the summer to end so the soccer season begins for almost every European League other than the Champions League. This is also the time chosen by developers to announce their new soccer mobile games. Today Konami announced the new features and launch date of PES 2019 for iOS and Android.

While we wait for EA to talk about FIFA 19, which will be launched for PC and consoles next week, the Japanese company Konami has officially announced PES 2019, its yearly title. Although the soccer season is beginning as of now, we will have to wait until Christmas to download the game. Today the company has announced that its current PES 2018 Mobile will be completely renewed as PES 2019, the latest update of the soccer title due in December. So those of you who already have the game will just have to update it. However, those who download the game in a couple of months will find it in app stores as PES 2019. Read more about it..

Google Maps has a new section to know more details of any area

Yesterday we were talking about this after seeing the notification suggesting parking spots near our destination. Google Maps constantly adds features, and the new section on Google Maps is the perfect example. Some users started seeing a section in the Explore tab showing photos of the area you are in and allowing you to even upload your own photos. This is a way to provide help and get extra information of any location.

If you want to want to go somewhere, create a route or search for any commercial store, then Google Maps is the ideal tool to do it. This is based on the infinite amount of features that the Google Maps app has. In order to strengthen its dominant position, Google keeps creating new features like the one we discovered today: the new Photos section in Google Maps. Read more about it..

These are the methods cybercriminals use to trick you on the web

 Phishing is a form of social engineering used by cybercriminals to trick victims. The goal is to steal user credentials and money, and infect a system with different malware variants. To do so, cybercriminals use baits so the victim takes them. They use a lot of different methods. Sometimes cybercriminals just try to unsettle and confuse the victims in order to trick them. We will explain some of the most common methods and how to avoid falling into the trap.

Methods cybercriminals use to trick people on the web

This is an issue that is increasingly related to banks. In fact, we recently published an article where we gave some recommendations to avoid being a victim of a phishing scam. Unfortunately, we also have to use those recommendations for a lot of other daily tasks. Read more about it..

Google backtracks and removes one feature we loved from the Messages app

For a long time now, Android users have been requesting Google to add a dark mode to the list of features that the OS we love so much has. Unfortunately, it seems that the company is not ready to do so.

At least not entirely in Android. However, we have been lucky enough to see how some Google apps have incorporated the feature. The Messages app was one of those apps, but Google decided to remove the feature, unfortunately.

The feature allowed us to turn on the dark mode through the app’s settings, just like it happens with any other app compatible with the feature. Such mode fit the app’s design nicely. Read more about it..

The new Chromecast will add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

There are dozens of useless gadgets on which we usually spend our money. We see ourselves drawn to their attractive price and we buy them, knowing that we will only use them once, if we are lucky, before we put them away. Then there is Google Chromecast.

Google’s small device is one of those products everybody should have. It certainly is the easiest way to stream and mirror our smartphone’s display to our TV, for example. It seems that Google has a new version of its small device. Read more about it..

Foldable phone: which manufacturer will launch it first?

For months, we have been reading information and seeing how some leaks unveil the plans of an increasing number of manufacturers launching a foldable phone. Now we found out something interesting about this device: every manufacturer’s patent. Will this tell us which manufacturer will release the phone first?

Samsung is certainly the manufacturer with the most leaked information on the web about the development of a foldable phone. Given said information, the brand is ahead in the race towards launching the first foldable phone. Read more about it..