Month: October 2018

Google abandons Windows Phone

Windows Phone is dead in terms of its platform. Microsoft will launch security patches until it ceases doing so in 2019, finally burying the biggest flop in recent history. In this sense, it has been a few years since developers decided to switch to iOS and Android. Some apps have steadily been removed (even by […]

PES 2019 for iOS and Android: New features and launch date

Soccer fans are waiting for the summer to end so the soccer season begins for almost every European League other than the Champions League. This is also the time chosen by developers to announce their new soccer mobile games. Today Konami announced the new features and launch date of PES 2019 for iOS and Android. […]

Google Maps has a new section to know more details of any area

Yesterday we were talking about this after seeing the notification suggesting parking spots near our destination. Google Maps constantly adds features, and the new section on Google Maps is the perfect example. Some users started seeing a section in the Explore tab showing photos of the area you are in and allowing you to even […]

These are the methods cybercriminals use to trick you on the web

¬†Phishing is a form of social engineering used by cybercriminals to trick victims. The goal is to steal user credentials and money, and infect a system with different malware variants. To do so, cybercriminals use baits so the victim takes them. They use a lot of different methods. Sometimes cybercriminals just try to unsettle and […]

The new Chromecast will add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

There are dozens of useless gadgets on which we usually spend our money. We see ourselves drawn to their attractive price and we buy them, knowing that we will only use them once, if we are lucky, before we put them away. Then there is Google Chromecast. Google’s small device is one of those products […]