First iPhone XS teardown: is it more difficult to fix than the iPhone X?

It will only take a few hours for the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max to arrive to Apple stores and authorized resellers. If you have decided to buy any of the new 2018 iPhones after checking their price both with a carrier and unlocked, then maybe it would be helpful to know whether the iPhone XS is easy to fix or not in case of an accident. (Soruce: thedigitalcamera)

Despite not being available for purchase until tomorrow, some lucky users were able to get hold of the iPhone XS to put it to the test before it is available. The guys at FixjeiPhone give us the perfect example. FixjeiPhone is a Dutch site focused on teardowns of the latest phones once they hit the market in order to analyze their components one by one. Besides letting us know whether the iPhone XS is easy to fix or not, a teardown lets us compare the new phone to its predecessor, the iPhone X.

It is important to know whether a phone is easy to fix or not because it will tell us how much it would cost us to fix our iPhone XS if it experiences an issue not covered by the warranty. A week ago we were actually talking about how much it would cost us to replace the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max’s displays: about €360, that is, a fourth of the phone’s price point.

Differences between this phone and the iPhone X?

Even if there are not many internal differences between the iPhone X and the iPhone XS, we realize from the beginning that it is now more difficult to take the display out of the phone’s body in comparison to last year’s flagship. The experts behind the iPhone XS teardown tell us fixing the iPhone XS is more difficult because of the additional stronger seals that enable the device to be submerged in 2m of water for up to 30 minutes seamlessly, hence the IP68 rating.

Once the phone is opened up, the second major difference seen is the battery. The battery has the same L-shape format as last year’s iPhone. However, this time it is a single cell battery whereas the iPhone X’s battery was split into two cells, as we see in the image above. This seems to be the reason why the most modern model has a battery with a smaller capacity than the iPhone X.

Opening up the iPhone XS or any other phone will evidently void their warranty, so we recommend not doing it unless you take the risk it involves.

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