Google abandons Windows Phone

Windows Phone is dead in terms of its platform. Microsoft will launch security patches until it ceases doing so in 2019, finally burying the biggest flop in recent history.

In this sense, it has been a few years since developers decided to switch to iOS and Android. Some apps have steadily been removed (even by Microsoft), and now it is the turn of one of the biggest apps.

Google’s official app stopped working on Windows Phone a few days ago. Whenever users try to search the web with the official Google app for Microsoft’s mobile platform, the process fails with an error reading “Connection failed. Try again later.”

According to a report from Plaffo, there is no workaround as of now, and there is a good chance that it does not exist, so it is basically the end of Google apps on Windows phones.

Google apps on Windows Phone

Google has never been a big supporter of Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, not even when there were a few good expectations from Microsoft’s mobile platform. Important apps like Gmail and Google Maps were never launched and third-party clients were banned.

However, there were official apps like Google Search and some others. Needless to say, the number of users still committed to Windows phones is very small, and it is unlikely that today’s decision affects too many people, especially because the Google Search app has been quite useless and outdated for a few years.

Searching the web on a Windows phone is still possible from Microsoft Edge, but beginning today, we can add a new name on the list of apps waving goodbye to Windows Phone.


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