Google backtracks and removes one feature we loved from the Messages app

For a long time now, Android users have been requesting Google to add a dark mode to the list of features that the OS we love so much has. Unfortunately, it seems that the company is not ready to do so.

At least not entirely in Android. However, we have been lucky enough to see how some Google apps have incorporated the feature. The Messages app was one of those apps, but Google decided to remove the feature, unfortunately.

The feature allowed us to turn on the dark mode through the app’s settings, just like it happens with any other app compatible with the feature. Such mode fit the app’s design nicely.

Now the mode has been removed, and it seems a general issue since the latest update of the app. Users have surely criticized the company via the app’s Google Play reviews, expressing how unhappy they are after the feature was removed.

As for Google, it has yet to make a statement about removing the dark mode from the Messages app. It looks it will stay this way, as usual. Of course, what draws our attention is the fact that the company has decided to go back to the app’s old design.

There is no information about this, but maybe it is a necessary step back in order to keep perfecting the apps’ dark mode or maybe the dark mode will soon be featured on Android. What is clear is that you can say bye to the dark mode in case you activated it in the Messages app.

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