Google Maps has a new section to know more details of any area

Yesterday we were talking about this after seeing the notification suggesting parking spots near our destination. Google Maps constantly adds features, and the new section on Google Maps is the perfect example. Some users started seeing a section in the Explore tab showing photos of the area you are in and allowing you to even upload your own photos. This is a way to provide help and get extra information of any location.

If you want to want to go somewhere, create a route or search for any commercial store, then Google Maps is the ideal tool to do it. This is based on the infinite amount of features that the Google Maps app has. In order to strengthen its dominant position, Google keeps creating new features like the one we discovered today: the new Photos section in Google Maps.

The Explore tab has been improved

As you can see in the screenshots, it seems Google started experimenting with a new section in Google Maps. After Android Police broke the news, we were able to check how the Explore tab now features a new section: the Photos section in Google Maps.

As of now, and after our team tried it out, we now the new section is not available to every user, so it seems Google went for a selective roll out. Maybe the company did this in order to try out the app before gradually rolling it out to the rest of the Google Maps users.

The Photos section in Google Maps: geotagged images for additional information

The new Photos section in Google Maps can be found at the bottom of the Explore tab. We can get to this section by scrolling down on the screen until we see a section with thumbnails of the location we choose on the map.

If we go to the Photos section in Google Maps, there will be several photo albums depending on the location and other filters for landmarks, monuments, public places and any other relevant tags. This is certainly a way to get more information about specific locations.

The Photos section in Google Maps shows the latest uploaded photos by default, and we can also help out by uploading our own photos. We can see a list of the best photos (by user ratings) and our very own photos if we tap Latest photos.

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