Over 180 million new Windows threats have been detected in the second quarter of 2018

There are a lot of threats that can compromise our PC’s security and functioning. However, the latest report regarding the second quarter of 2018 stands out. Over 180 million new threats targeting Windows, the most widely used OS, have been detected. This is why we have to give some advices and recommendations to avoid being victims of these threats, which can be really different and infect the PC in several ways.

Over 180 million new threats have been detected in three months

The report comes from the IT security company Quick Heal Technologies. The firm says it detected over 180 million different threats on Windows devices between April and June. It also states that the situation affects both individual users and companies.

As for the threats, there were 16,000 ransomware attacks, 13,000 cryptomining malware, 141,000 exploits and over 40,000 unwanted apps. All this happens every day. These are some of the major malware threats affecting users.

This also means Cybercriminals are getting ready to attack. They are now using new and more complex methods they did not use years ago, therefore they are successful despite the fact that security measures have also been improved.

This report also shows that ransomware and cryptomining malware are the two malware variants that have grown the most. Cryptomining attacks are dangerous because oftentimes they remain hidden for a long time. During said period of time, these attacks can prompt other threats that put users at risk.

How to protect ourselves against major malware threats

Now, how can we protect ourselves against these threats? As we have said above, cybercriminals have a wide range of possibilities. There are a lot of malware variants and they can infect devices in so many ways.

The main thing is to have security programs and tools, a good antivirus and other type of software to handle malware. It is important to always have an antivirus running on any platform we use.

We must also bear in mind keeping the system up-to-date. Sometimes there are vulnerabilities that are fixed with security patches rolled out by manufacturers for both operating systems and installed programs.

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