The new Chromecast will add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

There are dozens of useless gadgets on which we usually spend our money. We see ourselves drawn to their attractive price and we buy them, knowing that we will only use them once, if we are lucky, before we put them away. Then there is Google Chromecast.

Google’s small device is one of those products everybody should have. It certainly is the easiest way to stream and mirror our smartphone’s display to our TV, for example. It seems that Google has a new version of its small device.

A Chromecast with more connectivity options

According to Variety, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of United States (where all kinds of products are registered before being launched onto the market) has proof a new version of the device exists. What are the differences in comparison to its predecessor?

The appearance of the small gadget will change little to nothing but the slight hardware modifications will provide improved connectivity. The new Chromecast, which has been registered under the number NC2-6A5B, will be compatible with 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks thanks to the changes to the antenna.

Another new feature is the Bluetooth support, which will make it easier to connect the device to several others. Remember that up until now everything was done via Wi-Fi, so the new connectivity options will make everything easier.

We ignore when the new Chromecast will be unveiled, but given the FCC filing, it seems that it will be soon. Google is ready for an event in October where it will showcase the new Pixel phones and other devices like the new Chromecast. We also ignore the price point, but we hope it remains almost the same, which would mean this new version will be around €40.

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